2009 Archived Meetings

January, 2009:

Business meeting for Officers to discuss various items including Gold Medal Award selection for EAS09.  (Attendance: 7). 


March, 2009:

Virtual meeting from San Francesco CA, March 4, 2009.  Speaker: Dr. Jerry Workman, Luminous Medical, Inc. “A strategy for developing accurate and precise quantitative methods for low signal-to-noise spectroscopic applications” (Attendance: 20). 


May, 2009:

 (1) NYSAS officer meeting at the Morris County Library, NJ, May 6, 2009.  Agenda includes the followings:  By Laws, Boat Ride details, Chair Elect position, gift for guest speakers, service award, task forces with new members, NYSAS sponsored workshops, Gold Medal Award at EAS, Treasurers report, Secretary's report, Officer R&R manual, Website browser package pricing, etc. (Attendance: 5).   

(2) Dinner meeting at Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, May 27, 2009.  Speaker: Nancy Lewen, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. “Pharmaceutical Applications of 
 Atomic Spectroscopy” 


June, 2009:  

NYSAS Annual Hudson Boat Cruise sponsored by US Military Academy, West Point, June 20, 2009.  This event also serves as a celebration ceremony for NYSAS Student Awardees.  (Attendance: 42) 


September, 2009:  

Face to face and virtual meeting at Colgate Palmolive Research Center, Piscataway, NJ, September 2, 2009.  Speaker: Dr. James Veale, President,  Lighthouse Instruments, “Applications for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing”  (Attendance: 12)  


October, 2009:

Dinner meeting at Colgate Palmolive Global Technology Center, Piscataway, NJ, October 28th, 2009.  Speaker: Dr. Lydia Breckenridge, Research Investigator, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. “Pharmaceutical Applications of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy” (Attendance: 12) 


November, 2009:

EAS, Gold Medal Award Sessions honoring Isao Noda, November 18, 2009, with 5 speakers.  (Attendance: 37).

--- Dr. Curtis A. Marcott, Light Light Solutions, LLC. “Application of spectral imaging using a tunable laser source.” 
--- Professor Bruce Chase, Department of Materials Science, University of Delaware, “Double beam planer array infrared instrumentation: back to the future.”   
--- Professor Hai-Lung Dai, Department of Chemistry, Temple University, “Two-dimensional cross-spectra correlation for analyzing IR imission from transient radicals.” 
--- Professor Georgia A. Arbuckle, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University, “Two-dimentional infrared spectral analysis of conducting polymers.”  
--- Dr. Isao Noda, Procter & Gamble, "Applications of two-dimentional correlation spectroscopy (2DCOD).”

December, 2009: 

Dinner meeting at Rutgers University,  Livingston Campus, December 9, 2009.  Speaker: Tomoya Uchiyama, Osaka University, Japan, “Analytical Applications of Laser Raman Microscopy Using Line Illumination as Compared to Conventional Point Illumination” (Attendance: 12).