2006-2007 Archived Meetings


January 2007

Tom Brown. Unity Scientific “TransStar for NIR Calibration Transfer” at Colgate Palmolive, Piscataway NJ

March 2007 

Richard Mendelsohn  Professor of Chemistry Rutgers University Newark Campus.  “Vibrational Microscopy and 

Imaging: Applications to Skin and Mineralized Tissue Biology and Pharmacology"  at Colgate Palmolive, Piscataway NJ.

 April 2007

Mark Merchant “ The American Aligator: From Marsh to Medicine” at Rutgers Campus, Piscataway NJ

 May 2007

CJ Pommier Research Investigator II, BMS.  “Spectroscopic Support of the Pharmaceutical Development Process:

Creation of Crystal Form Phase Stability Diagrams” at Rutgers University, Chemistry Bldg.  Piscataway NJ

 June 2007

Annual NYSAS Student Award Boat Ride sponsored by West Point Military Academy.  

September 2007 

John Ingram Photonics Research Center West Point US Military Academy “Combining Hyperspectral Imaging 

and Raman Spectroscopy for Remote Chemical Sensing".  at West Point US Military Academy, NY

October 2007 

Israel Wachs Dept. of Chemical Engineering Lehigh Univerisity “ Smart Combinatorial Operando Spectroscopy 

Catalytic System.  at Sun Chemical, Carlstadt, NJ.

November 2007 

 EAS Gold Medal Award Session Honoring Paul Wilks, at Somerset NJ. 




September 2006

Eunha Lee Horiba Jobin Yvon.  Raman & Imaging.  Horiba Jobin Yvon, at Edison NJ.

 October 2006 

Dan Klevisha Polychromix “MEMS Digital Transform NIR Spectroscopy” at Colgate Palmolive Piscataway NJ.

 December 2006 

(Holiday Celebration) Dongsheng Bu Camo Technologies Inc. “Advances in Commercial Chemometric Software” at Colgate Palmolive 

Piscataway NJ.