Five Reasons to Join the New York SAS Local Section

1. Fellowship:  Local sections provide an avenue for sustained camaraderie amongst professional spectroscopists and scientists.

2. Contacts:  Networking through the local section provides sales and job information that may not be available any other way.
3. Local Communication:  Our newsletter, website, advertising, and job postings keep members informed at the local level.

4. Volunteer Opportunities:  Our section sponsors awards at the graduate and undergraduate levels to recognize and encourage
students in local schools.  We also sponsor the Gold Medal Award Symposium at EAS.

5. Promotion of Science and Spectroscopy at the Local Level:  Members do various activities to support science and spectroscopy
in their area.  Speakers are encouraged to recognize SAS and SAS membership in all of their talks.  Additionally speakers are
encouraged to speak at local elementary and secondary schools on science and spectroscopy.

Local Membership Dues - $15 annually

To:  Howard Mark


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