2010 Archived Meetings

December 8th, 2010 (Virtual Seminar)

Speaker: Dr. Bruce Chase, Chief Technical Officer, Pair Technologies LLC

Title: Planar Array Infrared Spectrometry: A Return to Dispersion and Double Beam

November 17th, 2010

EAS Gold Medal Session Honoring Dr. Cecil Dybowski

October 27th, 2010

´╗┐Speaker: Dr. Ming Zhou, Applications Engineering Manager, Spectra Analysis Inc.,

Title: LC-IR to Characterize Excipients in Pharmaceutical Formulations


September 29th, 2010

Speaker: Dr. Fran Adar, Worldwide Raman Applicns Mgr, HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Inc.

Title: Raman Instrumentation Developments Propelling Applications – Transmission Raman for Content Uniformity and Bragg Filters for Ultra Low Frequency


August 21st, 2010

NYSAS Summer Picnic hosted by fellow member Kathryn Lee 

239 Spencer Road

Basking Ridge, NJ 0792


June 5th, 2010 

Student Awards Meeting and boat ride on the Hudson River!!

May 4th, 2010 

Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Marcus, Hosted by the New England section of SAS

Professor of Chemistry, Clemson University

Title: Novel LC/MS Characterization of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements – What’s Really in the Bottle and Does It Matter?


April 21, 2010

Speaker: Mr. Chetan Shende, Research Chemist, Real Time Analyzers      

Title: Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Substrates and Analyzers You Can Use.


March 24th, 2010

Speaker: Dr. Vahid Majidi

Assistant Director, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, FBI

Topic: Science and Technology Challenges in National Security - Proliferation and Unconventional Weapons